Ei plays a valuable industry role by introducing organizations and individuals who share synergies for powerful relationships and action. The following prominent Ei Connections were valuable contributions to ongoing industry events and working relationships:

The below listings chronicle additional powerful Ei Connections:

Institute for Local Self-Reliance | Piedmont Park Conservancy

April 23 & 24, 2018
Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA

In mid-April, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR), an Ei Strategic Ally, traveled to Atlanta to develop best management practices for community composting via an EPA Region 4 grant. 

Ei orchestrated two meetings with Piedmont Park Conservancy (PPC). On Mon April 23, PPC Board Member Ken Haldin hosted Brenda Platt & Linda Bilsens with the ILSR for a park tour along with an education on park history including recent enhancements and future plans. The following day park staff educated on past and current composting practices at the community garden. Ei Advisor G. Boyd Leake of Community Environmental Management joined the meetings and shared his expertise.

The Ei FB album, Ei Connects, includes a pictorial recap of the introductory tours.

KSU Hickory Grove Farm | The Conservation Fund

March 23, 2018
Hickory Grove Farm, Acwroth, GA

On March 23, 2018, Ei Founder Holly Elmore hosted Stacy Funderburke of The Conservation Fund on a KSU Hickory Grove Farm introductory tour. Farm Manager Michael Blackwell hosted the tour and Leven School of Culinary Sustainability & Hospitality Director Christian Hardigree joined the group. The Ei FB album, Ei Connects, includes a pictorial recap of the introductory tour.

Kiss the Ground Introductions

January 22, 2018
Atlanta, GA

Ei Strategic Ally Kiss The Ground Co-Founder Finian Makepeace arrived a day early for the 2018 U.S. Composting Council Conference hosted in Atlanta for an empowering series of Ei-hosted introductory meetings focused on regenerative agriculture | landscaping practices. The industrious day began at Georgia Tech with Hyacinth Ide, Landscaping Services Manager, where water retention was established as the day's theme. Next on the agenda was a meeting with Sustainable Facilities Initiative (SFI) Chair Tim Trefzer, Georgia World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) Director of Sustainability, and GWCCA Grounds Maintenance Manager Steve Ware. Southern Farm & Garden Publisher Nancy Suttles traveled to the GWCCA for a meeting with Finian. Ei Advisor Boyd Leake of Community Environmental Management and Tim joined the SFI - Atlanta Airport meeting to learn about work-under-development related to the Flint River headwaters that flow underneath the airport runways.

The ZWA Blog article, Regeneration in ACTION, gives an overview of the powerful day of meetings and introductions.

Laura Turner Seydel | Kathy Kellogg Johnson

August 22, 2017
The EcoManor, Atlanta, GA

On August 22 Laura Turner Seydel hosted a Sustainable Soils luncheon at the EcoManor, her LEED Certified home. An impressive cross section of industry professional ranging from associates representing the USDA Forest Service, The Conservation Fund, U.S. Composting Council, Turner Foundation, Captain Planet Foundation, Park Pride, Emory University, Ei, Growing a GreenerWorld, and Kellogg Garden Organics attended the empowering luncheon.

The luncheon was in honor of industry icon Kathy Kellogg Johnson's Atlanta visit. When Ei introduced Kathy and Laura in the spring, a lovely friendship blossomed.

Georgia World Congress Center | Kennesaw State University

July 31, 2017
KSU Hickory Grove Farm

On July 31 Ei Founder Holly Elmore hosted the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC ) team on an empowering KSU Hickory Grove Farm tour to learn about regenerative agriculture practices. Since the June tour, GWCC Director of Sustainability Tim Trefzer worked with Levy Restaurants Executive Chef Matt Roach and GWCC Grounds Operation Manager Steve Ware to identify an on-campus mini-farm area. The intent is to use food produced in the employee dining facility.

Hickory Grove Farm Manager Michael Blackwall & KSU Professor Jorge Perez educated on regenerative agriculture practices along with crop choice advice; Steve shared his extensive horticulture expertise, especially pertaining to plant | tree identification on the farm's old growth forest areas.

The ZWA Blog article, The Power of Tours, features the July Hickory Grove Farm tour; farm tour photos are included in the Holly Elmore Images FB album, KSU Leven School of Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality.

EPA | Georgia World Congress Center | Kennesaw State University

June 1, 2017
KSU Hickory Grove Farm

In early June 2017, Ei hosted a KSU Hickory Grove Farm tour for Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) Director of Sustainability Tim Trefzer and Kim Charick with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Region 4 (Southeast Region). Farm Operations Manager Michael Blackwell and Professor Jorge Perez gave a thorough farm tour, along with details on the land history. The tour is the foundation for a potential GWCC on-campus mini farm and a Southern Farm & Garden feature article.

The ZWA Blog article, The Power of Tours, features the June Hickory Grove Farm tour; farm tour photos are included in the Holly Elmore Images FB album, KSU Leven School of Culinary Sustainability and Hospitality.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation | Institute for Local Self-Reliance

March 28, 2017
Atlanta | Washington D.C. | London

On March 28, 2017 the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) issued the Urban Biocycles scoping paper to a global audience. During the preliminary research phase, Ei Founder Holly Elmore educated EMF Project Manager Doug Walker on the U.S. organics recycling landscape and facilitated a series of introductions. Ei Strategic Ally Brenda Platt, Institute for Local Self-Reliance co-director, was an introduction and most helpful with regards to community garden composting and soil rebuilding initiatives featured in the paper. Brenda and Holly, along with their respective organizations, were listed as Expert Input and Case Study Contributors in the paper.

City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability | Affairs to Remember Caterers

March 8, 2017
Atlanta, GA

On March 8, 2017 Ei orchestrated a powerful meeting of Atlanta's sustainability leadership hosted by Affairs to Remember Caterers. The overt meeting purpose was to introduce City of Atlanta Director of Sustainability John Rutherford Seydel to Affairs with an overview of their in-depth sustainability commitment. It was an inspiring lunch filled with empowering conversation and delicious cuisine.

Ei Founder Holly Elmore introduced Ei's new focus area Carbon Sequestration during the lunch discussion. The ZWA Blog article, Carbon Crisis: simple a matter of balance, educates on Carbon Cycles | Pools and the Soil | Compost's heroic role in carbon balance, the foundations for the new focus area.

Photos from the powerful meeting are included in the Ei FB album, Ei Connects.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium | Lambda Alpha International (LAI)

February 15, 2017
Atlanta, GA

At the invitation of Ei Founder Holly Elmore, Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS) General Manager Scott Jenkins gave an empowering Sustainability: an economic driver presentation at the February 15, 2017 LAI Atlanta Chapter luncheon meeting.

As Scott is a close Ei friend, a strong Ei entourage attended the LAI meeting to show their support: LAI member Wayne King (U.S. Composting Council | ERTHProducts), Boyd Leake (City of Atlanta, Office of Sustainability), Jim Harrell (Renaissance Technology) and Tim Trefzer (Georgia World Congress Center).

The IMPACT Blog article, Sustainability: an economic driver, gives an overview of Scott's empowering presentation. Scott's PPT presentation is available on the LAI page for download. Photos from the empowering meeting are included in the Ei FB album, Ei Connects

GWCC | King of Crops Farm

February 6, 2017
King of Crops Farm

On February 6, 2017, Ei orchestrated a King of Crops Farm food waste composting tour for Tim Trefzer, Georgia World Congress Center director of sustainability. Compostwheels (CW) Founder David Paull hosted the tour; CW partners with King of Crops for commercial food waste composting at the farm. ... and Ei Founder Holly Elmore's home food waste compost is delivered to the farm!

The ZWA Blog article, The Power of Tours, features the King of Crops Farm tour. Photos from the impressive farm and composting site tour are included in the Ei FB album, Ei Connects.

EPA Region 4 | GWCC Levy Restaurants

April 20, 2016
Atlanta Federal Center

Due to Ei's strong, longstanding relationship with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4, Public Relations Specialist Davina Marraccini called Ei to recommend a chef for the Wednesday, April 20, 2016 Atlanta Federal Center Earth Day Farmer’s Market.

Thanks to Georgia World Congress Center Director of Sustainability Tim Trefzer's quick action, Levy Restaurants Chef Juliet educated students and attendees at the well attended event. Levy Restaurants provides the foodservice for the GWCCA, including the GWCC, The Georgia Dome & Centennial Olympic Park. The Ei FB page Ei Connects post includes a photo of Chef Juliet in her element with the students.

It is an honor for Ei to serve as the conduit between our prominent industry friends.

Ei General Counsel | TAG Smart Energy Event

March 24, 2016
Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Ei General Council Greg Chafee, Energy & Corporate Securities Partner @ Thompson Hine, brought together an excellent program for the March 24, 2016 Technology Association of Georgia Smart Energy Advancing Sustainability in Sport Facilities.

Greg met Keynote Speaker Scott Jenkins, Mercedes-Benz Stadium GM, and Panelist Tim Trefzer, Georgia World Congress Center Sustainability Director, at Annual Ei Partner Meetings.

City of Atlanta Office of Sustainability | Affairs to Remember Caterers

June 2015
Affairs to Remember Caterers

In June 2015, Ei orchestrated an introductory lunch meeting for the Affairs to Remember Caterers (ATR) Team and in-coming City of Atlanta Director of Sustainability Stephanie Benfield.

Stephanie was thrilled to meet the ATR Team and hear ATR Managing Director Patrick Cuccaro's affirmation of support for her City sustainability policies, programs and endeavors. The ZWA Blog article, ... and the journey began with a delicious divorce from the landfill! includes the important introduction within the ATR sustainability story.

Green Streets Atlanta Film Screening

January 2015
Atlanta, GA

Ei worked closely with Citizen Film for over a year facilitating introductions within the metro Atlanta community to those synergistic with Green Streets, a San Francisco-based social enterprise focused on recycling in housing projects. In January 2015, The Arthur Blank Family Foundation Film Series funded the Green Streets, a Citizen Film documentary, screening in Atlanta. The ZWA blog article Green Streets comes to Atlanta! announces the screening. Ei was a screening co-presenter in recognition of the introductions and local guidance for the Atlanta visit.

The ZWA blog article Green Streets: grass roots social enterprise gives a recap of the empowering visit and screening while the Ei FB album, Green Streets Comes to Atlanta, gives a pictorial overview.

Food & Beverage Packaging Value Chain

December 2011 - 2014
Washington D.C.

Each December 2011 through 2014, trade associations and non-profits executives from the entire sustainable food & beverage packaging value chain met in Washington D.C. for a day of vibrant dialogue and sharing.

For the final three years, Global Green's D.C. office hosted the meeting. Ei orchestrated the meeting administration, moderated the meeting presentations and strategy session, and documented the powerful meeting dialogue in a ZWA Blog article.

Mission Accomplished: the original meeting intention was to create industry synergies (as opposed to competition) among the complementary organizations. During the 2014 presentation, it was empowering to witness the tremendous synergies, along with many joint pilots | programs, among the meeting participants. Beginning in 2015, the group convenes with a two-hour conference call rather than a full-day meeting.

The F&B Packaging Value Chain Meetings - Accomplished page documents the powerful meetings complete with ZWA Blog & FB album links and PPT presentations available for download.

2014 U.S. Zero Waste Business Council Conference

May 8 & 9, 2014
Atlanta, GA

As a conference partner and media sponsor, Ei played a leading role in bringing the national conference to Atlanta along with orchestrating the local flavor portion of the excellent program. Ei Founder Holly Elmore served as the connecting point for Ei Staff, Partners, Advisors and Strategic Allies to moderate and | or present on numerous panels and serve as plenary keynotes during the two-day conference.

The USZWBC Conference page substantiates Ei's prominent role at the conference. In addition, the Ei FB album 2014 USZWBC Conference in Atlanta, gives a pictorial recap of the event.

EPA Food Recovery Challenge

Spring 2014
Atlanta, GA | Charlotte, NC

With strong connections to foodservice industry leaders, Ei joined the EPA Food Recovery Challenge as an Endorser, committing to recruit Program Participants as well as additional Endorsers. In Spring 2014, Ei founder Holly Elmore introduced Kim Charick with the EPA to the Southeast’s food waste pioneers in a series of meetings.

The EPA Food Recovery Challenge page gives a program overview along with a list of FRC Participants | Endorsers who joined via Ei’s introduction. For a pictorial recap of the intro meetings marathon, visit the Ei FB album, EPA Food Recovery Challenge.

Cork ReHarvest | Elizabeth Royte | Pattie Baker

May 2013
California | Georgia | New York | Portugal

Strategic Ally Cork ReHarvest requested introductions to prominent journalists for their 2013 Portugal cork harvest media tour. Ei media pals Elizabeth Roye and Pattie Baker, joined the late June cork harvest tour via the Ei introduction. In preparation for the journey, Pattie published, Cork=Good, But Easier Said Than Done, on her popular FoodShed Planet – eclectic food-for-though for a changing world. Post adventure, the More Uses Than I Realized (and Now My Imagination Is Going Wild) FoodShed Planet article is a fantastic tour overview complete with pictures and videos.

In October 2012, Martha Stewart's Whole Living featured Elizabeth's Spoil Alert on Atlanta’s pioneering spirit in wasted food reduction and rescue. The ZWA Blog post, Atlanta Wasted Food Heroes in National Spotlight, is an article overview plus commentary.

Georgia Institute of Technology | Georgia World Congress Center Authority

February 27,2012
Georgia Institute of Technology

At Ei’s request, Ga Tech hosted fellow Zero Waste Zones Participant Ga World Congress Center Authority for a campus tour of their award-winning recycling program. The ZWA Blog post, ZWZ Participants Work Together, is an overview of the tour and the Ei FB album, 02-27-12 GA Tech Hosts GWCC, is the pictorial recap. Subsequent to the introduction, GA Tech and GWCC developed a close working relationship and separately thanked Ei for the introduction.

National Restaurant Association | U.S. Composting Council

December 2011
Washington D.C.

In December 2011, Ei orchestrated a Washington D.C. NRA | USCC introductory meeting with executives from the respective organizations. The October 2012, ZWA Blog post, Collaboration is Key to Success, announces the formal Memorandum of Understanding executed between the NRA and the USCC.