As a conference partner and media sponsor, Ei played a leading role in bringing the 2014 National Zero Waste Business Conference to Atlanta along with orchestrating the local flavor portion of the excellent program. The following ZWA Blog articles substantiate Ei's prominent role at the conference.

In addition, the Ei FB album, 2014 USZWBC Conference in Atlanta, gives a pictorial recap of the conference. Below are the many panels and plenaries that Ei Partners and Strategic Allies moderated and presented on during the two-day conference:

Ei Moderated Panels

Opening Plenary: The Atlanta Zero Waste Story

Sustainability leaders representing government, non-profit, and business share their role in shaping Atlanta's zero waste past, present and future.

Panel: Scaling Up Compost in Charlotte

A diverse team brings organics and compostable packaging diversion beyond the pilot phase, through a grant from EPA Region IV and participation from government at all levels. The grant team is working with Charlotte-area businesses to turn waste into value through composting food scraps and appropriate packaging. The project partners hope to accelerate the rate at which sustainable materials management practices are adopted by municipalities and private companies across the United States.

Panel: Recycling Refinement...moving beyond landfill diversion

Within Ei’s Recycling Refinement Platform, industry pioneers create Zero Waste practices that align with Recycling Integrity – maintaining maximum material value with minimal energy expended. Learn from the panel of Ei Partners about a template in-development that gives the corporate community an alternative to single-stream recycling while improving bottom lines.

Panel: Zero Waste - Georgia Grown

Presenters focus on Georgia initiatives and first hand experience with programs that play a critical role in an overall zero waste goal. Representing state, local, and commercial organizations, collaboration is a central theme for success in zero waste and materials management endeavors. Another common theme among presenters is their integral role in the 2009 Zero Waste Zones launch and it’s future, which garnered national attention for the city of Atlanta.

Ei Partner | Advisory Council Plenary & Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker
  • Laura Turner Seydel, Chairperson, Captain Planet Foundation
Pay Dirt: Composting in America to Reduce Waste, Create Jobs, and Enhance the Soil Driving to a Closed Loop Business Model and Zero Waste:

Ei Partners, Supporters & Affiliates Presentations