Ei is an active participant in industry meetings & events, often as an invited speaker or orchestrating the event. Recurring events are listed on their own page with relevant PPT presentations, blog articles, and meeting information.

2016 U.S. Composting Council: Soils for a Greener World

January 26, 2016
Jacksonville, FL
At the 2016 USCC Conference, Ei hosted a well attended 90-minute panel presentation, Getting to Zero Waste: Composting at Special Events, sponsored by Ei Partner NatureWorks. Moderated by Ei Founder Holly Elmore, the panel showcased the Zero Food Waste Journeys at two prominent Atlanta annual events. 

The ZWA Blog article, 2016 USCC Conference: Soils for a Greener World, showcases the Ei panel.  Below are the panel PPT presentations available for download:

Plastic GYRE Symposium: Artists, Scientists and Activists Respond

March 26 & 27, 2015
Atlanta, GA
Nationally renowned scientists, filmmakers, artists and activists converged on Atlanta for The Plastic GYRE Symposium: Artists, Scientists and Activists Respond. The Symposium was an effort to raise awareness and discourse on the global crisis of plastic pollution. Ei Chair Scott Seydel presented on the Beyond Greenwash: Extended Producer Responsibility panel with a powerful presentation emphasizing plastic's value in the global economy. The ZWA Blog article, Plastic GYRE Symposium: Artists, Scientists and Activists Respond, gives an event synopsis.

Green Streets Film Screening

January 14, 2015
Atlanta, GA

Ei is co-presenter for the Arthur Blank Family Foundation Film Series screening of Green Streets, a Citizen Film documentary, in Atlanta. The ZWA blog article Green Streets: grass roots social enterprise gives a recap of the empowering visit and screening while the Ei FB album, Green Streets Comes to Atlanta , gives a pictorial overview.

Spring 2014 Sustainable Packaging Coalition Conference

March 25 - 27, 2014
Seattle, WA

Ei Founder Holly Elmore attended the powerful Spring 2014 SPC Conference hosted in Seattle with national and global packaging industry leadership participation. The Zero Waste in ACTION Blog article, Beyond Easy Wins..., is a conference overview, while the Ei FB album, Spring 2014 SPC Conference, provides a pictorial recap.

Circular Economy 100 First Annual Summit

June 19, 2013
Royal Institution of Great Britain, London

The CE100 Summit brings together leading global thought leaders, academics, companies and practitioners to provide a global wrap-up of the most current thinking on key circular economy topics. Ei Chair Scott Seydel attended the summit as a CE100 guest. The IMPACT Blog post, A Revolutionary Evolution – going from a linear to a circular economy, introduces the circular economy platform along with a summit overview.

City of Newark Zero Waste Workshop & Meetings

October 3 & 4, 2012
Newark, NJ

An Ei Team visited Newark in early October for a two-day series of zero waste meetings and a morning workshop hosted by the City of Newark, Office of Sustainability. Joining Ei Founder Holly Elmore, Ei Partners Amy Moreland of Heritage Interactive Services and Chris Bradlee of BASF shared their zero waste expertise in the educational sessions. The ZWA Blog post, Ei Team Visits Newark for Zero Waste Education, is an overview of the two-days spent with the City of Newark folks.

The following PPT presentations were used during the Newark zero waste workshop:

Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Holly's intro and overview Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Holly's intro and overview (589 KB)

Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Amy’s zero waste basics Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Amy’s zero waste basics (683 KB)

Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Chris' Collaboration is Key Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Chris' Collaboration is Key (2241 KB)

Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Amy's zero waste in action Newark Zero Waste Workshop - Amy's zero waste in action (584 KB)

Chattanooga Office of Sustainability - Zero Waste Workshop

April 10, 2012
Chattanooga, GA

The City of Chattanooga Office of Sustainability hosted a workshop on recycling, waste reuse, and waste stream analysis as ways to stimulate the economy. Ei Founder Holly Elmore spoke on zero waste zones initiatives, including the Zero Waste Zones, Sustainable Food Court Initiative and other pilots. The ZWA Blog article, Chattanooga Building a Green Brick Road, is an overview of the workshop.

Chattanooga 04-12 Zero Waste Workshop Chattanooga 04-12 Zero Waste Workshop (929 KB)

Second SCHA ZWZ ATL Tour

November 8 & 9, 2011
Atlanta, GA

With the SC operators on-board, the SC Hospitality Association came to Atlanta in November for a second tour focused on the destination of the food scraps source-separated for composting by foodservice establishments. The November contingent consisted of trade association|non-profit executives, city & state officials along with two Columbia hotel associates. From Atlanta, EPA Region IV and GA Department of Natural Resources Sustainability Division staff joined the tour and meetings to share their experiences in the ZWZ program development.

The ZWA Blog post, An Encore ZWZ Performance, gives the two-day tour details. For the pictorial recap, see the Ei FB albums, DAY 1 – SCHA 2nd ZWZ ATL Tour and DAY 2 – SCHA 2nd ZWZ ATL Tour.


August 16, 2011
Atlanta, GA

The South Carolina Hospitality Association brought a group of Board members, local business executives and City of Columbia staff and councilman to tour Atlanta’s Zero Waste Zones’ Participant sites. In addition, a National Restaurant Association executive attended the meeting and tours. Ei  Founder Holly Elmore gave a ZWZ introduction at the Georgia Restaurant Association’s offices. 

The ZWA Blog, ATL Zero Waste Team Hosts SC Hospitality Tour, gives an overview of the tour and the Ei FB album, 08-11 SCHA ATL ZWZ Tour, is a pictorial recap. Holly's PPT presentation is available for download below:

08-11 SCHA ZWZ ATL Tour PPT 08-11 SCHA ZWZ ATL Tour PPT (781 KB)

Ei Washington D.C. Meeting Marathon

August 9 & 10, 2011
Washington D.C.

Ei Chair Scott Seydel and Ei founder Holly Elmore traveled to Washington D.C. for a multiple-day meeting marathon with complementary national non-profits and trade associations. Chris Moyer, National Restaurant Association Conserve Program Manager, joined most of the meetings and offered the NRA offices as home base. The ZWA Blog post, Ei | NRA’s Meeting Marathon, is an overview of the meeting marathon; the Ei FB album, 08-11 Ei Washington D.C. Visit – A Meeting Marathon!, for the pictorial recap.

Waste Management Zero Waste Education

December 5 & 6, 2010
Atlanta, GA

Waste Management requested Ei Founder Holly Elmore to speak at the three consecutive area director meetings on the Zero Waste Zones and materials management. The ZWA Blog post, Waste Management Educates on Zero Waste, gives an overview of the three powerful sessions.