As a national regenerative forerunner, the media loves Ei! On-line and blog articles are the most popular media format.

Waste Dive Article


The Waste Dive article Boston region considers a 'paradigm shift' to zero waste features Ei Founder Holly Elmore's quote on the imperative role Culture plays in success for the community and corporate zero waste programs.

National Geographic Channel Virtual Discussion


Ei is featured in a National Geographic Channel virtual discussion re: Has Reliance on Fossil Fuels Irreversibly Damaged the Planet based on their Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge documentary. The ZWA Blog article, Alternative Energy: creating solutions or potential disasters?, gives a reality check perspective. The IMPACT Blog article, Alternative Energy: embracing the creative spirit, gives a counterpoint perspective.

Waste Dive Article

Waste Dive published an article on an interview with Ei Founder Holly Elmore re: Zero waste: An attainable goal?  Holly pointed out the most important factor to zero waste success is a matter of culture. In addition, Holly emphasized zero waste is a team endeavor including complete employee, supply chain and community involvement. The article covers zero waste success from the "big picture" perspective.

Atlanta Business Chronicle, Meeting Planner’s Guide Special Section

Bringing leadership, sense of drama to the table– Close Ei friend & supporter Patrick Cuccaro, Affairs to Remember general manager, is featured in a profile article giving accolades to his industry leadership and pioneering role in sustainability.  Ei founder Holly Elmore is strongly quoted in the profile.

6 Green leaders in red states – Ei Founder & ZWZ director Holly Elmore is one of six green leaders featured in the profile series. Refer to the ZWZ Blog post, Honors Green within the Red, for an article overview.

Are Your Recyclables Being Recycled? Author Alison Lara explains the underlying reasons for challenges in recycling systems across the nation and why too often the final destination is a landfill. Zero Waste Zones Director Holly Elmore is quoted on taking the holographic approach to developing successful recycling systems. Holly also emphasizes the importance of staying optimistic and taking baby steps.

 Why Aren’t Restaurants Recycling? – In his article quotes, Chris Moyer, National Restaurant Association Conserve Program Director, communicates restaurants do want to recycle and education is key to success recycling program participation.  ZWZ Director Holly Elmore is also quoted in the article on the potential cost-savings inherent in recycling the heavier materials, organics and glass.

Restaurant Forum and

Zero Waste Zone Goes National with the National Restaurant Association- Inspired by Zero Waste Zone’s (ZWZ) success, the National Restaurant Association announced a national collaboration with Elemental Impact and ZWZ. The collaboration will identify new best practices, create resources and measure the impact of perishable organics waste management and recycling efforts.

Restaurant Forum and

Collaborating for Zero Waste: An Atlanta Environmental Group Goes National with National Restaurant Association - Debby Cannon, Director of the GSU School of Hospitality and Elemental Impact Board Member, writes about the importance of the ZWZ program and the magnitude of the NRA and Waste Management announcements at the February 23, 2011 ZWZ Two-Year Press Conference.

Reporter Newspapers

City Commits to Atlanta Zero Waste Zones - The City of Atlanta announced its commitment to participation in Atlanta’s Zero Waste Zones, the eco-friendly concern that is increasing awareness among business owners on diverting landfill assets back into the production cycle to protect the environment.

Foodservice Equipment Reports

NRA Zeroes in On Waste, Sustainability - Under the umbrella of its “Conserve: Solutions for Sustainability” environmental initiative, the National Restaurant Association has teamed up with an Atlanta-based nonprofit program and a Chicago culinary school in separate efforts to lower restaurant waste and expand sustainability efforts.

Southeast Green

Zero Waste Zones’ Second Anniversary Highlighted By Collaborations With The National Restaurant Association And Waste Management - In connection with the ZWZ two-year anniversary, the National Restaurant Association and Waste Management announce national relationships.

Restaurant Forum

Shades of Green, Innovations in Foodservice Sustainability- Holly Elmore's commitment to soil sustainability is featured along with quotes and mention of the NRA Show 90 minute Compost, The Quiet Hero session.

Buckhead Reporter

Want permit to sell alcohol? Recycle- Restaurants seeking approval for alcoholic beverage licenses from the Safety Committee of Neighborhood Planning Unit B likely will get a lecture on participation in the Zero Waste Zone program to recycle garbage, food scraps and cooking oils in Buckhead. 

Waste Age Magazine

Naught ‘lanta - A zero-waste convention zone and ambitious recycling plans show Atlanta is serious about landfill diversion - features the Zero Waste Zones -DA with many quotes from ZWZ Director Holly Elmore.

Today’s Restaurant, Georgia Edition

ecco Receives First Green Foodservice Certification in Georgia - Features ecco’s environmental practices as the first Green Foodservice Alliance Green Certified Restaurant.

The Thrill is Gone

Affairs to Remember announces their divorce from landfills.  “The landfill love affair is over at Affairs to Remember Caterers, and the delicious divorce was swift.”  The ZWZ Blog post, Affairs to Remember Gets a Divorce from Landfills, has several pictures and additional information.

The Thrill is Gone The Thrill is Gone (218 KB)

Cities of Change - Atlanta is included in one of five cities of change along with San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, and Austin. The Zero Waste Zones are the sole reason for Atlanta’s included in the article.

Comment on the article:
On behalf of the City of Atlanta, we are thrilled to be included in this list. We applaud the incredible work that is being done by Holly Elmore and the Green Food Alliance to realize the Zero Waste Zones. It is revolutionary and making a true difference in Atlanta.
Mandy Mahoney, Director of Sustainability, City of Atlanta

Restaurant Forum, Georgia Edition

Green Foodservice Alliance:  A New Era in Sustainability~ Article by Holly Elmore about the importance of sustainability in action. article

Atlanta Declares Itself a 'Zero Waste ZoneThe Zero Waste Zones - Downtown Atlanta is featured in