The Ei tagline is Sustainability in ACTION. Ei programs and projects engage industry pioneers who pave the pathway to bring sustainable best operating practices mainstream. Ei ACTION is documented on the following pages:

  • Ei Tours - tours are excellent vehicles to experience existing operations while strategizing on new directions.
  • Ei Connects - introductions are a key element to Ei success and lead to powerful action.
  • Meeting & Events - participation in industry meetings & events, whether orchestrating the meeting or as an invited speaker, is key to communicating Ei success and learning from others' achievements.
  • Milestones - recap of the milestone events, players and ACTION that makes the Ei vision a reality.
  • Speaking Engagements - listing of the meetings, events, and conferences where Ei Leadership presented.
  • Mission Accomplished - listing of Ei endeavors with achieved goals and considered complete via a sale, term expiration or simply mission accomplished!