Working within the WE Consciousness Ei documents our work to share with others on similar journeys and relies on published industry documents from other organizations. Note the WE Consciousness is introduced in the ZWA Blog post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport. Ei’s blogs and photo albums document our important work and serve as valuable industry resources.

Blogs & Photo Albums

  • The IMPACT Blog – documents Ei work in areas other than zero waste.
  • Zero Waste in ACTION Blog – documents the journey to a time when zero waste practices are standard industry practices.
  • Ei Facebook Albums – supports blog posts with pictorial recaps 

Committed to Sustainability in Action Ei relies on research documented by non-profits, institutes and universities when developing action plans and initiatives. Below are documents Ei finds useful.



Circular Economy

Food Hardship | Wasted Food | Food Waste

Other Sustainability Topics

Organics Recycling

Sustainable Food & Beverage Packaging 

Lighten Up: Be Heard, Be Effective

Many environmentalists are serious about communicating their message, so serious their voice often goes unheard. It is time to lighten-up the same message and use wit | humor to broadcast in a manner the audience will hear, embrace and take intended action. Below are video examples of humorous, effective communication: