Prior to embarking on program | practice development, Ei strives to understand current industry practices and baselines. Tours of industry leader operations is an effective, efficient and fun avenue for garnering education and support. The below tours were hosted during Ei's Recycling Refinement Era; thus, Mission Accomplished!


March 29, 2013
Lithia Springs, GA

Ei Chair Scott Seydel and Ei founder Holly Elmore toured the recently opened GenAgain plant in Lithia Springs. Using innovative technology, GenAgain accepts "dirty plastic" generally landfilled or sent overseas and returns it to petroleum. The tour is featured in the ZWA Blog post, “Seeing is Believing” – magic of tours;, in the overview of Ei’s March tour marathon.

TN Prison Tours

September 26 - 27, 2013
Chattanooga, TN

Federal and state prison systems are a strong potential labor and facility resource for Recycling Refinement systems in the development phase. A group of Ei Partners, Supporters and pals converged on TN in late September to meet Fred Roach of TRICOR (Tennessee's prison employment system), tour operations and explore synergies | opportunities. The ZWA Blog post, Prisons: Valuable Resource for Recycling Refinement Systems?! provides a brief history of Ei | TRICOR relationship and an overview of the impressive tours, while the Ei FB album, 09-13 TRICOR TN Prison Tours is a pictorial recap. Below is the tours itinerary:

TRICOR | Ei TN Tours Itinerary TRICOR | Ei TN Tours Itinerary (86 KB)

Indy Zero Waste Tours

August 1 - 2, 2013
Indianapolis | Lafayette, IN

Ei Partners, Friends and pals traveled to Indianapolis to tour zero waste facilities at Piazza Produce and Subaru. Ei Partner Heritage Interactive Services hosted the Subaru Automotive of Indiana zero waste manufacturing plant tour. The tours substantiated the imperative role on-site MRFs - material recovery facilities - play in profitable recycling programs.

For the first tour, Zero Waste Warrior Scott Lutocka - Piazza Produce facility manager - hosted the Ei group at the only zero waste foodservice distribution center in the nation. A PPT overview of Piazza's zero waste journey is downloadable below. The following day the group traveled to the Subaru plant in Lafayette where Interactive is responsible for their groundbreaking zero waste program. The ZWA Blog post, Source-Separation Key to Maximum Recycling PROFITS, is an overview of the tour and the Ei FB album, 08-13 Indy Zero Waste Tours, gives the pictorial recap.

Piazza Produce Zero Waste Journey Piazza Produce Zero Waste Journey (37198 KB)

Wilbros Organic Recovery & Biofuels

March 29, 2013
Toccoa, GA

Ei orchestrated a tour of Wilbros food waste composting facility for Michael Cheyne, Atlanta Airport director of asset management & sustainability. As of the tour Wilbros was the only GA composting site permitted to accept food waste that accepted food waste. Located 90 miles north of Atlanta, only one hauler is collecting food waste for delivery to Wilbros. The Ei FB album, 03-29-13 Wilbros Organic Recovery & Biofuels Tour, is a tour pictorial recap. The tour is featured in the ZWA Blog post, “Seeing is Believing” – magic of tours, in the overview of Ei’s March tour marathon.

Pratt Recycling MRF

March 25, 2013
East Point, GA

The Pratt Recycling MRF (material recovery facility) receives the Atlanta Airport recycling stream. Ei orchestrated a tour of the Pratt MRF for Michael Cheyne – Atlanta Airport director of asset management & sustainability – as a visual of the stream’s destination. The Ei FB album,  03-25-13 Pratt MRF Tour, is a tour pictorial recap.  The tour is featured in the ZWA Blog post, “Seeing is Believing” – magic of tours, an overview of Ei’s March tour marathon.

Indy Organic Tours

September 24 & 25, 2012
Indianapolis, IN

With Ei Partners Heritage Interactive Services and Simon Property Group corporate headquarters located in Indianapolis, IN many Ei activities revolve around the city. Zero waste icon Scott Lutocka, facilities manager of Piazza Produce, and long-time Ei pal Chris Pierce of Organics Management Solutions also call Indy home. In September 2012, Ei Partners, Supporters and pals converged on Indy for two days touring local organics recycling systems in-place.

The two action-packed days began with an eye-opening tour of zero waste in action at Piazza Produce. The ZWA Blog post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport, gives an overview of the tour; the Ei FB album, 09-24-12 Piazza Produce Zero Waste Tour, gives the pictorial recap. The FB album is a valuable asset as Scott took the time to give in-depth comments on the pictures. Note food waste collection for compost was the final material destination shift that put Piazza Produce over the 90% diversion zero waste threshold.

Immediately following the Piazza tour, the group visited one of GreenCycle of Indiana’s mulching operations. Scott was thrilled to join the tour. GreenCycle said YES to meeting the food waste composting regulations, giving Piazza along with Indy foodservice operators, a destination other than landfill for their food waste. The Ei FB album, 09-24-12 GreenCycle Mulching Site Tour, gives the pictorial recap of the tour.

On September 25, the Ei Tour group headed to Lafayette for a Subaru plant tour focused on food waste elimination | reduction. After Subaru, the group headed further north to BioTown Ag in Reynolds, IN for a tour of the on-farm anaerobic digestion system. Inspired by the no-waste farm, the ZWA Blog post, Perpetual Life Cycle System – Simplicity is Key, gives an overview of the farm A.D. system. Chris along with his partner are the masterminds behind the Blue Streams Portable Anaerobic Digesters – impressive with the commercial use potential.  The Ei FB album, 09-25-12 OSM On-Farm A.D. Tour.

South Georgia Farm Tours

May 14 & 15, 2012
South Georgia

Taking the first steps into the Product Stewardship focus, Ei Partners travelled to South Georgia to learn about meat packaging at on-farm slaughter houses. White Oak Pastures and Thompson Farms Smokehouse were gracious in hosting and educating the Ei Partners on their farm practices. Meeting the stringent Whole Foods’ 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating System with 5+ ratings, the farms are icons in the sustainable farming movement.

The ZWA Blog post, Consumer Demand: A Powerful Voice to Effect Change, sets the stage for Ei’s Product Stewardship focus and gives a tour overview. For a pictorial tour recap, see the Ei FB albums, 05-14-12 Ei White Oak Pastures Farm Tour and 05-15-12 Thompson Farms Tour.